Style 101: Make a Fashion Statement Out of Your Old Jeans

Style 101: Make a Fashion Statement Out of Your Old Jeans

Are you still throwing your old jeans away for reasons like it being faded, it being torn, or for some other reasons? A jean is one versatile fabric that can be recycled and would still make a fashion statement.

Did you know you can upscale that jean and get it back on fleek?

After reading this article you won’t throw your jeans again. You can thank me later!

Bleach It

Make the perfect fashion statement out of your old jean with a bleach. Bleaching your jean could bring out the vibe and increase the life span of that jean. You could bleach different parts of the jean to give it a different look or you could just bleach a leg of the jeans and leave the other leg to retain its original colour.

Convert your jeans to shorts

A pair of scissors is all you need to convert that old jean to a short that works for you. If your jean no longer works as a trouser, a good option for you is to convert that it to a short and rock it to a party or any other occasion that calls for it.

Convert your jean to a distressed jean

Distressed jeans have come to stay and constantly make a fashion statement. For some reason, they have that appeal that makes heads turn. An old jean can easily be converted to a distressed jean and rocked.

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Stud cuffs

Studs can give an old Jean an entire look and design. To get that old jean looking good again, place studs in a pattern in which you desire on your jean

Lace tights under ripped jeans

Rip a part of your jeans and fill it with a lace. A lace gives your jean an entire different look and upscale it to your desired taste.


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