Stupidly Simple Ways To Tell A Guy Likes You

How do you tell if a guy is dying to be yours and have you in his life? There are some stupidly simple ways that will show if a guy truly likes you.

Below are ways to tell if a guy likes you.

  1. He looks at you from across the room repeatedly. Not once or twice but more than that.

When he can’t keep his eyes off you, it shows that he truly likes you!

  1. He remembers details if they involve you

He can remember every detail of you, ranging from what was said months ago. This is because you’re always in his thoughts and you’re already a part of him.

  1. He tells you

He tells you in several subtle ways that he is interested in you. He compliments your look and sends you a message, talking about how special you are to him and sending love letters or flowers to your doorstep.

  1. He ends up in the same place as you at the same time when you told him where you were going

This is because he wants to see more of you often.

  1. He notices when you change your hair

He studies you closely and can tell when there is a significant change in your look.

  1. He tells you you’re pretty and that he likes your smile

He doesn’t waste any opportunity to compliment your beauty and tell you how special you are.

  1. He kisses your cheek when you were only expecting a hug

He loves to be around you and feel your skin against his. He wants more than just friendship…he wants something more intimate!

  1. He hates every guy you’ve dated and continue to date

He keeps talking bad about your exes and sees every reason to complain about those you’re dating.

  1. He has a sudden interest in your interests even though he doesn’t really like the things you like

He has started to take mangoes and watch Game of Thrones, even when you’re completely sure that he hates them.

  1. Every opportunity he has to touch you, he does

This is because he wants more than just friendship.

  1. He smudges food away from your top lip when you’re eating like a glutton

He doesn’t meet a chance to feel your touch and perform some little gestures that can be overwhelming.

  1. His friends ask what you think of him

This is because he has said so much about you, to them.

  1. He likes all your photos on Facebook and Instagram

He is always on social media pages and he likes your photos all the time.

  1. He remembers your birthday

You’re so special to him and he remembers the most important day in your life.

  1. He knows all of your favourites

He has learnt so much about you and he knows your best food, colours, books, movies, and sports team.



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