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Stop Giving Excuses; STAY MOTIVATED!

Do you give more excuses than action in terms of being motivated to do something? This article will help you eradicate that.

Stop Giving Excuses; STAY MOTIVATED!

Sometimes you may feel unmotivated to take action due to some reason or another. Honestly, most of the time, those reasons are invalid and may rather be more of excuses than reasons.

We are going to aid in identifying reasons that have made you unmotivated to take action, and how to eliminate those feelings:

Properly Define Why You Are Not Motivated

start with identifying why you are not motivated by writing it on a piece paper so that you can have a clear view of the reasons yourself. Let’s say, you are supposed to complete a work load by end of the day. Write down the reasons you might have to delay and potentially procrastinate what you are supposed to do.

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One of the many reasons that stops your motivation is that you think you have too many obstacles to get yourself motivated. In reality, the real obstacles are only a few. You are the person that has created all those excuses for yourself to escape from carrying out task.

Identify Your Biggest Excuse


After defining your problem, identify the biggest excuse that could be the actual reason that keeps you unmotivated. Not wanting to do it is normally the real reason; the others are excuses you give yourself to back up the real reason.

When you give too many excuses, your brain will accept it and assume it is all valid. Therefore, you are not motivated to complete your report. Once you identify the excuse, break it down further by addressing it.

Stop Giving Excuses; STAY MOTIVATED!

Why Don’t You Like It?

There must be a certain reason behind your being unmotivated. You will find that, too often, you are just lazy to carry out responsibilities. That’s why you have created more excuses for yourself. Once you’ve figured it out, what the truth is, capitalize on that knowledge to motivate yourself to complete set tasks.

Whatever the consequence or reward you’ll get in carrying out the set task, stay focused and disciplined to the end. At the end of the day, you might find there is no real reason for you not to get motivated to start doing that job now rather than procrastinating and finishing it by next week. You just need to define your excuses properly on a piece of paper and address them.

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When you have too many excuses in your mind, you will start to think that they are acceptable reasons to make you unmotivated, when you should be motivated to get your job done as soon as possible!

You have to remember, that motivation only works when you focus on positive outcome, not on negative outcome. You should not be motivated because of fear negatively.


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