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Steps on Effective Storage of Your Fruits

It is important to first note that any fruit which can successfully be frozen with the addition of sugar can be frozen without sugar. By following the directions given below, you are sure of freezing your fruits to last longer and better.

Some fruits such as pineapples, berries and mangoes are preferred without the addition of any sweetener. Some of the sourer fruits like lime and grapes might require added noncaloric sweetener. Caution should be used in adding saccharin because the addition of too much causes a bitter flavor and affects your health negatively.

Here are steps to effectively freezing fruits:

Fruit Selection

Steps on Effective Storage of Your Fruits

Select fully ripe but firm fruits. Using a fruit that is not firm or an over ripe fruit will not bring the best quality result.

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Wash Thoroughly

Thoroughly wash the fruit. Do not allow the fruits to stand in water for too long or you will risk absorption of the water. Lift from water and drain appropriately.

Pare the Fruit

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It may become necessary to peel, trim and remove pits or seeds or stems from the fruits. Cut or dice the fruit into the desired sizes and numbers.

Treat were Necessary

To keep light-colored fruit from darkening, it is desirable to treat with an anti-darkening agent. Pure ascorbic acid or commercial preparations containing ascorbic acid are frequently added. This is very effective in preserving the color and flavor of the fruit and adds nutritive value. Other treatments such as lemon juice, salt water, steam and blanching might also be used. The noncaloric sweetener may be added with the anti-darkening agent or the fruit may be frozen without added sweetener.

Pack Accordingly

Cold fruit should be packed in containers which are moisture and vapor proof. Rigid containers lend themselves to easier stacking in the freezer, however, plastic freezer bags or freezer wrap of sufficient thickness and glass jars provide good packaging for frozen food. Seal according to directions for packaging materials.

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Freeze fruits soon after they are packed. Put them in the freezer as you have them ready, with space for air circulation between containers. Freeze at 0 F or below.

Fruits can be frozen dry or packed in water or juice with or without noncaloric sweetener. For your convenience, in a diabetic diet, fruits can be packaged individually in small freezer bags or small jars. This provides a simple way of serving fruit and does not require the thawing of a large package of frozen fruit. Unsweetened fruit juices also freeze well.


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