Stage Plays: A Different Kind Of Art

(Dallas, TX - 11.30.2009) -- The last dress rehearsal for the Dallas Theatre Center's production of A Christmas Caroll, at the Kalita Theatre, in Dallas, TX, on Sunday, November 29, 2009.

Art is not only centered on just drawing, painting, photography but can be audible and physical. Such kind of art is often called Performing art, and a perfect example is a stage Play. A stage play is a drama or play performed on a stage. Unlike watching movies in your home or cinema, stage plays are done in theaters. Unarguably, this kind of art is dying in Nigeria, but it is still waxing strong in developed nations like France, Italy UK, and Germany.

Unlike Visual art that is majorly created for aesthetic purpose and judge for its meaningfulness and beauty, Performing acts like stage plays are mainly arts that require performance in front of a live audience. A stage play is one of the primary cultural activities that make the performers and the audience very creative and imaginative. But why exactly do Stage Plays stand from the other types of art? What set them apart from painting, drawing, Spoken word and the rest? Here are some of the reasons why Stage plays are a unique kind of art.

They bring people together
Like I earlier mentioned, stage plays are done in a theater, that makes it possible for people from different spheres of life to come together Unlike sitting alone watching a movie in your apartment, when you go to the theater to watch a play, you get the opportunity to converse with different people and share experience of that particular play.

They are realistic
When watching a stage play, you share the same space with the actors and actress and allows you to escape from the time being. Stage plays will enable us to enter the world of the story being displayed and for a while leave our own lives. This temporary escape also bring significant meaning to our lives too. For instance, if the story showcases a different perspective of the world that you have no idea of. Most times stage plays present to us the love, the strength, the unity, the determination, the patience, etc. That we need to excel in our lives.

The romance feels very special
Unlike movies that portray love as serious face-sucking, making out and lots of nudity, Stage plays represent romance in a very different and romantic manner. Songs and dance are common ingredients of love in stage plays.

They offer a new perspective on the world
With stage plays, you are guaranteed to experience something new about your culture or a different culture. You can pick up some knowledge of the culture embedded into the play, like kneeling when greeting elders and new ways of respectfully addressing others. Stage plays also offer terrific insight into major societal issues like rape, bullying and so much more.

Apart from these reasons, performers of stage play through the walking, talking, singing and dancing they learn about themselves and how to express themselves better. Also, performers can produce sterling innovations, manage a difficult situation as well as build a productive relationship.



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