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Some Strange But True Things Banned in Different Countries

Check some of the strangest things banned in other countries.

It is known that most of the things that are banned by governments are those stuff that might harm people and lead to results such as death or lead to the destruction of relations between countries. The above does not mean that all the things which are banned are the same as there are several things banned by governments in some countries and are believed to be downright ridiculous for many people who live outside these countries.

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If you are traveling to any of these countries soon, it will do you a lot of good to know what is banned by governments there, Here is a list of some of the things that have been banned in countries.

  1. Game Consoles: Before you gasp in shock or surprise, it is important to note that China is the number one manufacturer of game consoles. However, their sale is banned in its own country by the government on the grounds of protecting the youth in China. Other types of games which are “non-console games” are not banned which makes some people question the rationale seeing as other types of games also waste time.
  2. Valentines Day: Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different countries around the world on the 14th of every February even in the Middle East without any problem, but when it comes to Saudi Arabia, you will find that it is not so. Celebrating lovers’ day is banned in Saudi Arabia because it is believed to be against Islam and violates its beliefs. The color red is also not allowed to appear on this day for whatever reason. Lovers have been known to disregard this law as they buy all the red flowers that they want and the gifts that they like from the black market.
  3. Baby names: In Denmark, you are not allowed to freely choose a name for your baby. There is a list of 24,000 names from which you can choose for your baby. These names are officially approved by the government but if you want to choose another name outside of the 24,000 names, then you have to get permission from the government.People, Bed, Baby, Newborn, Child, Blanket
  4. Chewing Gums: If you are thinking of going to Singapore and you cannot do without chewing gum, you should re-think the journey and opt for another country.  Chewing gum is banned on the basis of keeping the country, especially the public places, clean. Banning chewing gum started in 1992 and no one is allowed to chew gum in the country except for those who have a medical prescription for it.
  5. Blue Jeans: If you can afford to buy a pair of jeans, you should buy all colours except Blue. The blue color is, in fact, the most common color and it is also the only color North Korea has banned. They are said to embody world imperialism.

There you have it. Some strange but true things banned in different countries.


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