Some Shocking Questions Nigerian Asks Google

Number 14 is just too crazy!

In Nigeria, we are known for much diversity and never take No for an answer. That is just who we are. We tend to ask some question about things and always expect the internet to give the answer… Some people would even go to the extent of asking some silly questions and expect a reply from Google.. Here  are some example below:

  • How to make money online
  • How can i impregnate my wife
  • Did INDIA truly beat Nigeria 100-1?, Who was our Keeper?
  • How to make Bill Gates marry my sister?
  • How to prevent AIDS/STDs without using condom?
  • How to make money without working
  • When would fuel subsidy return?
  • How to get Bigger butts.
  • Free WAEC/JAMB answers for this year
  • Tutorial on how to hack Facebook accounts
  • How To Pass An Exam Without Reading
  • Free Android cheat for free Chats, Browsing and Downloading
  • When Will Arsenal win a Trophy?
  • When will NEPA bring light today in my area?
  • How to get adopted by Bill Gates
  • How to find a Naija babe that doesn’t like money.


  • How to tap generator light from my neighbor
  • How to download fuel (Really?)
  • American Women looking for boyfriends
  • How to Fly to America Without a Visa
  • Any side effects from postinor?
  • How i fit Mess without being noticed
  • How i go fit watch Cable TV without subscription.
  • Make i just waka see a lot of money in a bag (O boy, you go search tire)


These are the ones i could easily remember. Do still you have more? you can add yours in the comment box below. Let the fun continue. Thanks for reading


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