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Some partners are dishonest and sometimes love blinds us from seeing it. This post will open your eyes

Dishonesty breaks up even the best relationships but it is better to know than to be in the dark.

Some partners are dishonest and sometimes love blinds us from seeing it. This post will open your eyes

A relationship that is dishonest or untruthful is heading for a storm because honesty is an integral part of a relationship, its like the life tank of it.

Seeing as truth is important and no one likes to be for a ride or for a fool, we have decided to help you with this post, to let you know the signs that show your partner is not honest with you and familiarise yourself with them, so you can deal with it as early as possible.

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  • Inconsistency: The first sign of a person who lies is that they are inconsistent. Now, some liars have become professionals and can keep up appearances fr as long as it takes, but there is always a trail and you can see it if you are observant. Truth is stronger than lies and as time goes on, it will become practically impossible for the stories of a liar to always add up.
  • Unease: This is true for those who have not perfected the art of lying but not all. Most liars usually fidget, become uneasy or uncomfortable when speaking and avoid looking into your eyes due to the fact that they are afraid of being caught.
  • Avoiding Eye Contact: Most people avoid eye contact when they are lying because they usually cannot keep a straight face when lying. If your partner keeps looking everywhere except straight at you, then your partner is most likely lying to you about something.
  • Instinct: Sometimes, you have a feeling as regards something your partner said, your guts and instinct call your attention to an error. Pay attention to your instinct, as they say, instincts never lie. So if your instincts tell you something, it may likely be true.
  • Accuse you of lying: Most times, people project their feelings on others. Liars think other people are lying to them and they are usually suspicious of people and they believe everybody does the same. If your partner is constantly accusing you of lying without reason, then your partner might just be dishonest.
  • Acting Differently: When your partner develops new behaviours, new schedule or even plans that don’t make sense or add up, this might be a sign of lies. If your partner is having a different schedule from what is the usual, especially when there is no logical explanation for it, then it is important to note.
  • Evasion: People who lie usually evade questions,  try to change the topic or be vague and not give straight answers. When having a conversation with your partner and your intuition clicks in, check for these signs.


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