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Some of the warning signs you should take note of when you are on the first date

These signs are important to note.

Some of the warning signs you should take note of when you are on the first date

If you have not realised that we are on #TeamDates then we do not know which online magazine you have been reading. We know most people just agree to start dating over WhatsApp or in the twitter DM and that is okay. We are not here to judge anyone.

If you are on the same team with us, then  this post is for you. To give you things you need to look out for when you guys meet for the first date.

The things listed below should never be tolerated on a first date or in any form of relationship for that matter.

  • HIS OR HER CELL PHONE IS THIRD WHEEL: Anyone on a date with you who is on the phone for nearly half the duration is a NO-NO. Unless it is an emergency, their attention should be focused on you because It’s a disturbance as much as it is a distraction. If your date has even the thought to answer the phone, it is clearly obvious they have no clear signs of manners or respect.
  • TOO MUCH PESSIMISTIC TALK: No negative attitude or opinion is allowed on first dates. Refuse to be in the same space as a pessimist as they sometimes lack maturity. Refuse to converse in a constant stream of negativity as that may be an assumption or a reflection to how he or she feels about you.
  • HUMOUR OR INSULTS? This one can be tricky and you have to be very observant to note it. There’s a very fine line between humour and insult. When he or she confuses the two, it should make you wonder if that’s how they treat everyone. Naturally funny people do not have to cross a line or go above and beyond.
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM: This is far too common, especially among first dates. One minute you are talking about you and suddenly he or she has turned the tables about how their own passion while totally dismissing what you were even saying in the first place and when you try to discuss it, they say you are overreacting about nothing.
  • ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR: Any form of abusive behaviour is unacceptable behaviour. No long story about it.  Whether it is verbal, physical or emotional. Some early signs of abuse are controlling behaviours whether from a Male or Female. Anyone who portrays abusive behaviour from the first date should not find their way into a relationship of any kind with you.
  • OUTRAGEOUS OVERREACTIONS: If your date makes a mountain out of a molehill especially with situations that can be considered petty, you may want to rethink how your date will treat you make a mistake or do something wrong.


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