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Some of The Terrible Ways To Break-up With a Person

You should not break up with a person insensitively and ruthlessly. Read this post to know how not to.


Some of you are just evil and you know. You are the ones that will break up with a person and then be forming bad gang. This post is to both male and female because we know breaking up works both ways and some women have done above and beyond also.

We also need to consider those who are still in love with a person but have to break up for one reason or the other, we are aware that it can be so difficult and painful leaving someone you care deeply for.

It can be hard to go through the process of breaking up and you might be tempted to just do away with it instead of doing things the right way. We are here to advise you not to give in and take the easy way out because it might be the cruelest way.

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Here are a few cruel ways to break up with someone

  1. Ghosting: aka Disappearing is terrible because you are depriving your partner of any kind of closure. You cannot act like the relationship never took place and leave without a sign. Not only will the person have to deal with the broken up with; they will be left with so many unanswered questions.
  2. The Gradual Fade: aka Withdrawal is just as cruel as ghosting. It is such a crafty act and a very passive approach to a breakup. That gradual exclusion of yourself from the picture, is just you letting us know that you are a terrible person. Have a discussion and end the relationship like a sensible person.
  3. Lying: Aunty, if you want to break up with him, the least you should do is be honest about it. Don’t patronize, Don’t lie to him. Handle it like a proper lady, please. Do not deny him the closure that is his.
  4. Public Breakups: Do not be evil and break up with a person in public. Uncle, you know that it can be hard for her to keep her emotions in check but you still want to go ahead and break up with her at the Mall. The devil is using you but you don’t know.  Please, breakups are better to do in private.
  5. Cheating: Se if you are tired of the relationship, walk away. If it is not working for you, break up. Do not try to eat your cake and also have it. That is what cheating is. Don’t even think of cheating on them to intentionally sabotage the relationship. Carry your bags and go jejeli.
  6. Blindsiding: I know you have heard them say that surprises are good for a relationship but blindsiding your partner with a breakup is not what they meant. You should always have the good sense to build up to a breakup.


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