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Solo travelling is one of the best ways to treat yourself, here are a few tips that can help you even as a first timer

Solo travelling is one of the best ways to treat yourself, here are a few tips that can help you even as a first timer

If you are a Pro when it comes to travelling alone, you will agree travelling solo is an amazing and empowering experience and how everyone should at least take a solo trip once.

Most blogs you’ll read will not give you an in-depth into what is exactly needed for the solo traveller who is a beginner.

So, consider yourself lucky as this post gives you tips on how to travel the world solo.

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  • Research your destination: You need to do your research and understand where you’re going and never underestimate the power of knowledge. The top things you should research are 1. Religion – What is commonly practised? What should you wear to religious sites? What is considered respectful and disrespectful 2. Language basics (hello, bye, thank you, yes, no, bathroom, good morning, emergency phrases, etc) 3. Politics – Is there political unrest? Why? Where is it? Should I avoid these areas? Is it a sensitive subject to locals? 4. Etiquette & Customs – Dining etiquette, table manners, dress etiquette, and hand gestures
  • An itinerary: Having an itinerary albeit a tentative one helps ease the mind of loved ones at home knowing your plans and when you have a change in plans, update family and friends back home.
  • Be Prepared: Spend as much time as you can familiarizing yourself with the new destination before getting there. One of the hardest things about travelling is landing somewhere new and being unprepared. At least, know how to get to your hotel from the airport.
  • Know your finances and have a budget: Know how much you can spend and how budget-friendly your destination is so as to avoid stories that touch.
  • It is okay to act a tourist: The more tourist things you do, the more fun you will have. Do something touristy because this is the time you allocated for it, This is your chance to do what makes you happy.
  • Overcoming homesickness: Know and understand that there will be days of feeling homesick especially if your trip is a long one and it can be emotionally draining.  All solo travellers experience it during their journey and know you’re not alone.
  • Have confidence: Walk and talk with confidence. Being confident will also help you want to engage with other travellers, making it easier to meet people.
  • Go on, enjoy being a solo traveller: You are beyond brave to even embrace the idea of travelling solo so savour it. Travelling solo is wonderful as you can decide how you spend your days. There is nothing more empowering than being in control of your life and travelling solo helps you shape that mentality in all aspects of your life.


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