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Smart and Affordable Irrigation Tips for your Garden

Smart and Affordable Irrigation Tips for your Garden

Especially in warm weather it is important that your garden is well supplied with water. But sometimes you are busy, you don’t have the time or the mood, and watering your garden quickly falls into the picture.

If it is warm for several days, you can certainly assume that plants, flowers and your lawn will be dry in no time and in the worst case will even die.

Simply walking into your garden with a garden hose to spray everything is no longer enough today. Especially if you also have special flowers and plants that require a specific amount of water. Nowadays an irrigation system in your garden is no longer a luxury, but a smart way of gardening.

How does an irrigation system work in the garden?

An irrigation system is a water drop system that you apply to your plants and flowers. In most cases this will be done through an irrigation hose, which contains a certain number of centimeters of holes. The system is connected to a tap, or perhaps to a pump with which you can reuse water or to a rain barrel. As a result, there is a constant flow of water and water is added to the soil very gradually as required.

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This is a very simple description, if you search around you will find beautiful and very intelligent systems, with which you can water your garden in a very smart way. You no longer have to look around at your garden and on hot days you just grab the chair instead of the garden hose.

Smart watering

If you search around, you will find the beautiful smart watering set from different brands. Even if you’re tight on budget, you can also buy used water irrigation systems.

There are complete systems with not only an irrigation hose, but also smart equipment and sensors. The sensors measure the outside temperature and the humidity of the soil and can very accurately water your garden based on the data. With the control station it is possible that you can communicate with the water drop system via an app on your smartphone.

This way you fully set up the system how you want it and you have access to all the data that the sensors measure for you.

Use of Sprinklers

Garden irrigation is often associated with beautiful sprinklers that “jump” out of the ground when the beautiful morning sun rises. These nozzles that rotate are called pop-up turbine nozzles.

However, several hedges and flowers may not be watered in this way.

Large shrubs act as an umbrella for the subsurface when it rains. Who does not hide under a tree when it drips? Only a small part of the water ends up at the root. A large part of the water remains on leaves and bark and evaporates.

If you’re switching to a recycled irrigation system, then keep in mind that the ideal irrigation of borders, hedges and ground cover can best be carried out with a small intestine. These are PE pipes (16 mm) where, after fixed distances, spacers (dropper) are built in where the water drips. The most frequent spacing is 33 cm.

The advantage of this method of irrigation is that the water comes directly to the root zones and there is no waste due to evaporation.

Water Pressure:

It is important that all drippers give off the same amount of water. That is why it is advisable to use pressure compensated drip gut. The water delivery from the last dropper is the same as from the very first!


There is of course a maximum distance to the water tapping point. The highest quality of pressure-compensated drip gut still works up to 200 m at 3 bar pressure. If the distance is farther and / or the water pressure is limited, then a closed loop must be made: this ensures that the pressure is the same everywhere and therefore also the irrigation.

Do you have any better idea of how you can manage your garden? Let’s hear you from the comment box below. Thanks!


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