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Slay queens, come here! These habits are what you need to remain at the top of your game

Here are some personality traits that all classy women maintain and if you want to join this team, you should too

Woman, you are beautiful. Do not let the topic of this post and the fact that it mentions ‘slay’ change your mind or let you see you differently. You are an attractive being.

However, tackling the challenges in this world of ours, striving to make things happen and achieving those goals can put a damper on things some times. This post wants to help you feel confident and attractive because once you look good, you will feel good and therefore do or give good.

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  • GOOD POSTURE: Having good posture goes hand in hand with being confident. Slouching does not really portray you as a confident person and your posture is usually the first impression that you will be judged on. In addition, having bad posture is going to cause you problems in the future.
  • SMILE MORE: Let me be honest with you…I’m not a smiley person either but I do recognize the power of a smile. Smiling makes you seem more open, easier to approach and definitely will make you be more attractive. So I am learning to smile more as this is beneficial for in the workplace, with your business and especially during networking.
  • BE POSITIVE: Being positive is great for your all-round image, and will certainly help you achieve your goals. A positive person brings a bit of joy, sunshine and laughter and this uplifts which is a very attractive quality to have.
  • BE POLITE: Be polite and kind, even when you are not asking for a favour or expecting something in return. This makes you look good and by doing this, people will recognize you as a good person.
  • SPEAK ELOQUENTLY: If you want to appear as an elegant, put-together and classy woman then speaking eloquently will be beneficial to you. This means no cussing, or having negative comments in general.
  • BE POSITIVE: Being positive is great for your image and being known as someone who is generally positive will make people want to be around you and spend their time with you.
  • SUPPORT OTHER WOMEN: I know you have heard women are their own worst enemies or that women are always in competition with each other or something along those lines but that is very far from the truth. Even if it is, it does not need to be that way. Be supportive of other women, empower others, learn from each other. Go against the status quo.


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