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Skin – An Organ of Protection

Skin - An Organ of Protection

Our skin acts as a barrier between the internal organs and the external environment, which is comprised of heat, light, injury, and infection. It is also delicate to a wide range of stimuli such as torment, weight, temperature, joint, and muscle strain. All the layers within the skin work hard to protect us hence, it is important to keep the skin healthy.

When the condition of the skin of compromised, its ability to work is impaired. Superior skin care choices and use of quality products help to re-establish and maintain the skin’s ideal ph. These measures help in protecting the skin and support its natural defenses making it more resilient and less sensitive.

It is not obligatory to invest in expensive products to keep your skin healthy. You can make use of homemade skin care remedies to take care of your skin. You can create naturally moisturizing face scrub with coconut oil and some sugar. Gently scrubbing your skin and then washing it off will remove the dead skin cells giving it a natural glow. Additionally, do not scrub your skin too often, or you may strip all the natural secretions and provoke the oil glands to over-secrete.

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Our skin also acts as a barrier and prevents excessive water loss. The water loss from the skin is affected by the degree of humidity, temperature, climate, and your skin’s characteristic moisture content. That is an ongoing process over which we have minimal control.

However, it can increase due to disturbances caused to the skin barrier due to exposure to harsh surfactants, scratches, or wounds. That leads to the extreme dryness of the skin.

So, to help heal dry skin and prevent its return, you can use a face wash or a moisturizer for dry skin that can maintain the moisture content.


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