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Skiing and Snow: How To Have Fun in The Australian Alps

Skiing and Snow: How To Have Fun in The Australian Alps

The Alpine season starts on the first weekend in June to the last weekend in September. So no matter where you are, planning for an Australian Alps snow holiday is a perfect time.

Due to global warming and unpredictable weather, there is a period of time before and after peak season when the Australian Alps is full of fresh, white natural snow and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. These kind of days are perfect for mountain climbing, the other bonus is that traveling during this period of time slashes all mountain activity to half the price compared to the peak period.

The Australian Alps border the states of New South Wales and Victoria, with access via the major cities of Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne. Most ski fields in Victoria require a 3 to 4-hour drive to get to; with those in New South Wales taking twice the time

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We will focus on Falls Creek for the Australian Alps holiday based on it

  1. Being ski in-ski out;
  2. Being less appealing to Victorian day-trippers (and therefore less crowded on weekends) and;
  3. Being able to stay in a luxury ski chalet with all the trimmings.

Located an easy 4 hours out of Melbourne, the simplest and most cost-effective way to get to Falls Creek is to hire a car out of Melbourne.

Falls Creek was originally known as Horseshoe Creek by the early Australian Cattlemen.  Historians write that this was due to the boggy earth and horses losing their shoes. Victoria’s highest mountain is named after the Aboriginal people who referred to it as “Bogong” meaning “big fella”.  Hence the name of Falls Creek’s famous Mt Bogong.

You should have a Falls winter bucket list

There are so many fun things to do in the Australian Alps snow.  Here are 5 must do’s for your winter wonderland holiday in Falls Creek

  1. Ride a toboggan at a good slope close to your accommodation
  2. Ride a chairlift and devour a waffle drizzled with milk chocolate at any decent Café;
  3. Lie in the snow and make a snow angel or a snowman.
  4. Walk through the village and pick up some new merino wool socks or ski après gear at one of the Falls Creek boutiques;
  5. Go looking for a mountain deer, with exception to the ones that are hung on fireplaces

Now that you have got the bucket list, it’s time to start planning that holiday to Australian and of course, the snow.


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