Six Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Love You more

Building a relationship takes hard work from both individuals because every relationship has ups and downs. To make your relationship work you need extra work and patience. Improving your communication and adjusting a few behaviors together and can make it work. If you want to make your relationship work and make your boyfriend love you more here are some few expert tips.

Give him respect
One of the most important things to do because it’s the common challenge faced by most relationship and easiest way to lose your man. Respecting him will send a message that he means the world to you.

Appreciate all his effort
No matter the situation don’t nag or pour all sorts of insults on him for things he has not do. Never, I repeat never compare him with your friends boyfriend. Be content with him and remember the things he has done, be patient with him and love him just for who he is.

Be interactive
Many guys find their relationship boring because no questions are being asked by the ladies. If you want to make your boyfriend love you more, you need to start asking questions When I say questions, I mean important ones because it helps enrich you both conversation. Unlike asking only questions like “what do you want to eat?” Or “what did you eat today.” Know what he likes and when having conversations, spring up topics about his favorite football or basketball team.

Avoid criticism
Statements and questions focusing on “you” and “why” causes problems, because it sounds blaming and makes the other respond defensively. Instead, use “I” statements. And ask questions that request legitimate information, because it won’t sound accusatory instead help communicate your feelings and make him share his.

Give him privacy
Most girls have a habit of sneaking their boyfriend’s phone to the toilet to go through its chats on Whatsapp and Facebook. If you fall on such category, it is high time you ditch that habit. Stalking your man or going through is phone sends a message that you are insecure and you don’t trust him.

Don’t request too much
It is the dream of all lady to have a boyfriend who will make them his priority, take care of you and keep you safe but sometimes you need to take your legs of the “request “ pedal. Having a boyfriend doesn’t mean you should push all your responsibilities to him; it will drive him away.

Surprise him with his favorite meal
Men love food; why not? The key to a man’s heart they say is the stomach so if you want your boyfriend to cherish you, surprise him with him with his favorite meal. Even if it requires strenuous pounding or grinding, what is at stake is to make him love you more, so it is worth all your energy. Sacrifice your own money and time to make his favorite meal frequently, and in no time you can see him going on down on one knee asking you that question-”will you marry me.”



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