Six Ugliest Football Player Statues; Number 6 is just Hilarious

The greatest football players have always been honored in different ways by fans and even nations.

One of the many ways they get immortalized is in the form of statues. Over the years, several high profile players have been honored by having replica structures of them erected in public places. Some of these statues appear beautiful and flattering while others, not so much.

In fact, some of the statues erected to honor football players have left us shocked and sometimes reeling with laughter. So let’s go right into it. Here are the top 6 ugliest football player statues:

  1. Messi

Yes, that is supposed to be Lionel Messi. Okay you may say this statue is not that ugly but compared to how the player really looks, e no try. The statue was unveiled in 2016 after the player initially announced his retirement from international football. He changed his mind later though, and it definitely wasn’t because of this statue.

  1. CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo was immortalized by his home country Portugal in 2017 when they renamed their national airport after the star player and unveiled this strange looking statue of him. The statue was an absolute eyesore and the butt of the jokes of many fans.

Luckily for the Juventus forward, the statue was replaced in 2018 with one that looks more like him.

  1. Maradona

Argentine football legend also got a statue in 2017. The statue however looked nothing like hm. And it was quite unflattering too. It was unveiled in India. Abi does that look like Maradona?

  1. Mo Salah

Egyptian forward, Mohammed Salah had a statue of him unveiled last year and to say it looked strange is an understatement. This one had me laughing for a while in fact. Wetin be this??

  1. Gyan

Ghanian striker Asamoah Gyan also got a statue last year. The statue was revealed in his home country, Ghana, and man it is ugly! Lmao. Whoever made this statue deserves a Grammy award! Nobel prize sef.

  1. Essien

The last and definitely the ugliest on this list belongs to Micheal Essien. Ghana seems to be in a competition against themselves in the “World’s Ugly Football Player Statues Competition”. The country revealed a statue to celebrate their talisman midfielder, Micheal Essien in 2018 and the statue looked nothing like him. And it was ugly too. Very ugly!

Those are my top six ugliest statues of football players.

Former England and Manchester United player, David Beckham is set to be immortalized in Los Angeles by former club LA Galaxy. As we wait for them to unveil their statue, let us hope it looks nothing like the ones listed above.


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