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Sitting Posture: How It Affects Your Back

First of all, what is posture? It is the way and manner in which you hold firm your body in an upright position against what we understand by gravity in a sitting, standing or lying down position. Talking about having a good posture involves the cultivating of your body in a sitting, standing or lying pose with the smallest strain focused on supporting your muscles during strenuous activities as well as movements.

Sitting is an activity we carry out every day except of course those that have spinal cord issues and get to lie down for the rest of their lives. In the office, at home, at the cinema or the eatery; everywhere we find ourselves, we tend to sit and our position matters a lot. Here are couple guidelines to enable and help you have a proper sitting position;

  • Always endeavor to sit up with a straight lined back while your shoulders shoot backwards with your bum (buttocks) having contact with the back of your chair at all times.


  • While sitting, there should be the presence of the three back curves- with the use of a small sized towel which you would have rolled up; it could be used to maintain the accurate curves that are meant to be found at your back.In a case where you are not able to get hold of a round towel to support your sitting position, here are extra tips you could decide to follow;
  1. Sitting at the very end of the chair and slouching totally could be an option
  2. Bring yourself way up and put emphasis to the curves of your back as much as possible and pause for a couple seconds.


  • Finally, release yourself off the position at a 10 degree angle.


  • Make sure to spread your body weight evenly to both hips side so as not to let one be outweighed than the other (Could lead to muscle cramps in some occasions).


  • Remember to have both knees bent at a right angled position with them being a bit higher or even with your hips (in a case where the chair is too high or the individual is not too tall, a foot stool may come in handy). Do not have your legs crossed as it is seen as bad posture.


  • Remember to have your feet always kept flat to the floor.


  • Do not sit in the same position for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Change pose often.


  • If at the office, make sure to adjust the bearings of your office chair so you can be as close as possible to your work table to be able to rest your arms as well as elbows on your chair or work table while having both shoulders kept relaxed.


  • If you get the opportunity to have a rolling chair, do not rotate the chair using your waist but rather your whole body to avoid strain on your waist.


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