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Single Men and Women, the below reasons might be why you are attracting the wrong people

For the love of everything good and single. Please read this.

Women, do you know the things men find annoying about you? The secrete is revealed in this article

Have you ever noticed and then realized that it is the same set of people that you attract when it comes to having or being in a relationship.

The following listed below might be the reason why you may be attracting the wrong.

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  • YOU FULLY INVEST IN THE SAME, FAILING TYPE: The first reason is you give your all, too much, too soon to someone who does not deserve it. Like the type you know isn’t even right for you but you still pay attention to. You probably go for the same type because it is comfortable and predictable, even if you suspect the same repeated result. That kind of habit needs to stop.
  • YOU WILL SETTLE JUST FOR ANYONE: Whether you want to agree with me or not, doing this becomes like an addiction over time; the need to find and settle with anyone for the sake of being in a relationship. It is a vicious cycle that will lead you to always say, “Why do I have such bad luck when it comes to relationships?” It’s not bad luck – it’s choice, your choice.
  • YOU’RE SENDING MIXED OR WRONG SIGNALS: What you say, do, give and show can and will likely send a wrong meaning and message to someone else if it is not precise and accurate. Stop attracting the pool of people you no longer want attention from by your actions or deeds.
  • YOU ARE LOOKING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES: Bars and the workplace are not the only avenues to meet people so do not limit your options there alone. I get that meeting new people today is seemingly more difficult due to social media and technology but if you change your scouting routine there are actually plenty of ways to make yourself available to people
  • YOU ARE UNCLEAR ON WHAT YOU REALLY WANT: Sometimes, cofusion can be the problem. If you are unclear or confused about the kind of person you want, you will attract anyone. The only way you are ever going to find happiness is by first knowing what exactly it is you are looking for.
  • THE GOOD ONES ARE “TOO NICE” ACCORDING TO YOU: And by “too nice“, you probably mean is not challenging enough, too predictable, does not have or make drama or too boring. It’s important to remember that good people are the ones who have respect, dignity, compassion, emotions, motivation in life and relationships, consideration, and good morals. These qualities should be key to any sane human but you are here looking for the flip side.


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