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Simple Ways You Can Make The Best First Impression

Simple Ways You Can Make The Best First Impression

The first impression you create when you meet new people largely determines what kind of opinions they form about you.

Whether you’re at a job interview, business meeting or vying for a new post, the first impression you make can either lessen or increase your chances of succeeding.

In order to make people think of you in the right way when you meet them, here are some simple tips you can follow:


For years, many experts have recommended smiling as a way to form good impressions of one’s self. When you smile especially when meeting new people for the first time, you create the impression that you are not only friendly but an open-minded person. Going around with a frown, on the other hand, may discourage people from approaching you.

Ensure You Look Good At All Times

Your appearance and the way you dress are the first things people about you. This is because, for a long time, dressing has been used as a symbol of status in society. If you really want to ace that job interview, impress a new date or command respect from your colleagues, then it is paramount to pay attention to dressing. Also, you never know who’ll you meet at any time so endeavour to look presentable at all times.

Pay Attention To You Body Language

It is been proven time and again that our body language plays a huge part in the way people perceive us. The way you carry yourself communicates subconsciously how you are feeling at a particular point in time. Your eye contact, smile, handshake, and body posture are some of the aspects of body language you should start paying attention to today.

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Focus On The Way You Speak and Your Voice Tonality

To a large extent, the tone of your voice and the way you speak determine if people would take you seriously or not. Do you stutter or Speak too fast? Or do you speak in an anxious manner? All these characteristics can signify a lack of confidence even if you are a very confident person hence why it is important to pay attention to them.

Give More Compliments

Everyone loves compliments. They make us feel good and show that others acknowledge us. Compliments especially when used in the right manner can endear and make you more memorable to the people you meet. One thing you should however avoid is giving people fake compliments or flattering them just to get what you want. Most people can always tell a fake compliment from a real one, hence strive to give genuine compliments.


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