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Simple things you can try that might help you if you are having a bad day

Bad days come, here are a few things to hep them leave faster.

Simple things that can help whenever you are going through a bad day

Everyone has bad days. Even the happiest of people have days whereby it does not seem to work or you are just in a bad mood for no apparent reason.

On some bad days where you cannot afford to be lazy, here are some simple things that can help you get out of the rut very quickly. It will be divided into 2 posts because they are a lot of simple things that can be done.

Without further ado

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  • Listen to a positive podcast: Nothing can beat listening to somebody hammer positivity into your eardrums and sometimes, that is exactly what you need. To be given some positive vibes as you try to wade out of dark waters.
  • Do something easy, but productive: Sometimes taking it easy is exactly the way to go but make sure it a productive type of easy. Maybe a simple, non-tasking chore is what you need.
  • Practice gratitude: Being thankful goes a long way in clearing dark clouds. When you realise all the things that you have and maybe take advantage of, it might help to snap you right out.
  • Spend some time outside: The power of the sun is not just in drying things. It also helps in clearing mental cobwebs and sunning dark days. You should try and step outside for a while, the fresh breeze will do a lot of good too.
  • Take a shower: Take a cold bath, simple as that. Cold water can help a bad day
  • Pamper yourself: You probably need to treat yourself or pamper yourself in a way you have been wanting to. Maybe do a Pedi and mani, go for a massage, take yourself out for lunch. Whatever it is.
  • Call a loved one: Sometimes just picking up your phone and calling someone who means a lot to you can help your mood favourably
  • Buy yourself a small gift: Buy something that you will not normally buy for yourself. It could be jewellery, perfume, clothes or whatever you have had on your to-buy list for a while.
  • Listen to your favourite playlist: Everybody has a favourite playlist of all the songs that they vibe to. You should play it when you are feeling dow. Music has a way of upping your emotions.
  • Spend time on your favourite hobby: Whatever your hobby is, this is the perfect time to catch up on it as long as work or business permits you. A bad day can be cured by just spending time doing what you love
  • Pray: If you are a believer, this is applicable to you. Sometimes, you just need to talk to God.


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