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Simple things that can help whenever you are going through a bad day

Let us help you get over your bad days as quickly as possible.

Simple things that can help whenever you are going through a bad day

In the last post where we were talking about bad days, we did mention a couple of things that could help you snap out of it or help you work your way out from it.

We agreed here that everyone has bad days and even the happiest of people will sometimes find themselves in a mood for no apparent reason.

In that spirit, here is the concluding part of this topic which features another list of things that might help wade the dark waters on whatever day.

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  • Get some exercise: Not that trekking from your bus stop to your house exercise. Sometimes you need to take your body through some form of rigour to snap your mind back to the present.
  • Watch a funny video: There are a thousand and one funny skits online. Do an intentional search for them and work your way to snapping out of whatever it is that is plaguing your mind.
  • Distance yourself from negative people: Negative people are the worst kinds to have around you on bad days. They will not allow a single ray of light in, instead, they will give more and more reasons why you should remain where you are. Flee from them as quickly as you can.
  • Do something nice for someone: Have you tried doing something nice for someone? Giving someone a gift, doing something that they have been wanting to do but never getting around to it. Whatever it is, put a smile on someone else’s face and watch yours light up.
  • Do something that will bring you closer to one of your goals: What are the abandoned goals you had for 2019, dust one of them and start the process of achieving it.
  • Colour in an adult colouring book: I know you are wondering what kind of joke is this, but trust me, it is not. Find a colouring book and colour away, sometimes childhood memories help you to move on quicker.
  • Have some chocolate: Despite it having a cred for adding unwanted calories, chocolates also have some good side effect. They are a powerful source of antioxidants and they also improve brain function. You should eat 1 bar or maybe 2.
  • Declutter or Organize: Whatever is needed in your immediate environment (Decluttering or Organizing) you should do it. I know your body might not agree with you and your mental energy is too low to do something as tasking as that but you need to try.
  • Learn something new: It could be as easy as a new game or as complex as a new skill. No knowledge is lost, so after the bad day, you will still have it.
  • Unplug from technology: Sometimes, Social Media is the problem. You just need to log off.


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