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Silly Habits That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Check which of them you are guilty of.

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You see those silly habits that seem small are the ones that damage your relationship from day to day. They delve into the core of your relationship and begin to nibble from there.  They may seem minor at the time they were said but slowly it may begin to leave a mark on your partner without you even knowing about it.

So here are ten of the most common silly habits that you do and are damaging your relationship every day. Let’s begin.

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  1. Making it all about “you”: I know I have said that you need to love yourself before you love someone else, but it doesn’t mean that you make the entire relationship about you. The relationship is about the two of you, your flaws and strengths combined, not just you. When a relationship becomes focused on one person it isn’t a relationship anymore.
  2. The “Masked Lies”: Stop with the lies whether black, white or purple. Just stop. A lie is a lie, no matter how well it’s covered. Being truthful is the easiest way to be in a relationship. Yes, it might hurt at the time it is been told, but it’s much better than the eternal pain caused when the truth reveals itself.
  3. Having a scoreboard: Never keep tabs of who has caused more fights in the relationship, it’s not going to be good for either of you. This is one of the unhealthiest of habits in some relationships. You should help each other grow, not bring each other down.
  4. The silent treatment: The silent treatment is just hurtful. If you’re angry at your partner, say it. If you are hurt, say it. Talk about it, don’t keep it to yourself and start giving them the silent treatment, which indirectly inflicts pain on them. Silence is not “golden” here.
  5. Being dramatic in public: Stop creating scenes in public. The fights that happen between the two of you should be BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU. Your problems are private and they need to be talked about and sorted out privately. The only time this is not accepted is if there is Abuse of any sort.
  6. Avoiding the important talks: This one has one leg in the silent treatment room. People often avoid talking about problems to avoid further argument and fights, they fail to see that by avoiding the talk they’re actually creating more problems for each other.
  7. Pretending to agree: Pretending to agree with your partner is just pure evil. Be truthful and honest, if you don’t agree with something they’re talking about then just say it, don’t pretend.
  8. Making a little too much fun at them: Have you heard the phrase it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Exactly. Being funny is cool but make sure you’re careful with your words because you may just take it as a harmless joke but that harmless joke might be a trigger for someone else.
  9. Stopped being yourself: Your relationship starts from you. If who you are begins to evaporate for whatever reason, your partner is going to get worried about you and will start telling or asking you to find yourself. It’s not very nice when you love someone and care about someone with all of your heart but they seem to be missing in the relationship.
  10. Complaining too much: Don’t complain too much about your partner. Nobody is perfect and you need to remember that every single day. In the same way, don’t let them complain too much about you either.


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