Silence has always been called Golden! Learn about the 6 things you should keep to yourself no matter how much mouth dey scratch you to talk

Silence has always been called Golden. In cases like this, you should try it.

Silence has always been called Golden! Learn about the 6 things you should keep to yourself no matter how much mouth dey scratch you to talk

Everyone, including me, is guilty of talking too much especially on things e=we should not be talking about in the first place. It may be because we have a person in our lives that we are comfortable with sharing the most intimate details about ourselves with and we trust them and their judgments.

However, there is a reason it is called personal life which means it must be kept personal. Hold yourself hen you are tempted to talk about any of the things listed below. You do not have to follow Social Media and post everything concerning you.

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  • Life Goals: You have plans or goals and you think the best way is to spread it out in little packs and give to people freely abi? Keep your goals to yourself, what if you need to change it because of some future circumstances?  What if your goals change after a midlife crises?
  • Personal Life: Just to re-emphasize the point made above, involving other people in your personal life is very immature as dragging people into your problems might not end in praise for you. Don’t cause emotional stress and mental up and downs for people especially if you are not sure of their response.
  • Family Problems: Everybody has family problem, now imagine each and every person who has a problem telling every other person. You see the amount of problems that will be carried from one house to another?  Be a united front in your own family, this is how you find a solution to not been taken advantage of or judged.
  • Good Deeds: The world needs kindness and we all need to do our best and leave doses of it everywhere we go but that does not mean it should be shared on the gram and social media pages all the time. Your intentions might be pure but People may think you are bragging and wanting to show off.
  • Material Belongings: Talking about your material belongings and how much you have or earn can also trigger the same response as the one above. You might be sharing everything without thinking about it, but someone else might not like it.But let me quickly ask, why do you need to share everything?
  • Finances: You need to keep the details about your finances to your chest and your lawyer(If you have one). Money usually causes major changes in relationships and it is better to not use it as a discussion topic or have unnecessary conversations about it


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