Signs Your Partner is Becoming too Possessive

All relationships require a considerable amount of effort from both parties. It is totally worth it when you’re with the right person.

But how do you know when you’re with the wrong person? What signs should tell you when to walk away and move on?

A common trait is when he becomes too possessive. How can you tell when he’s becoming too possessive? These are the signs:

  1. He is jealous of everyone

Your partner is obsessively jealous when he doesn’t like your male friends and he doesn’t want you to spend time with them. He hates the fact that you’re friendly with your male colleagues and he gets annoyed whenever he sees a male beside you.

  1. He demands you to ask him for permission

He wants to be involved in all areas of your life and demands that you notify him before you make any decision. When you do not, he criticizes you and makes you feel guilty. When this happens, know that he is becoming too possessive.

  1. He wants to be your whole world

He is scared that you might fall out of love with him and he is scared of losing you. Because of this, he wants to be your whole world. He wants to be your only friend and to be with you at all times.

This might sound romantic but he is being too obsessed with you. You have the right to have your own space and hang out with your friends when you’re in a relationship.

  1. He undermines your goals and career

A man that is possessive will always be in control so he feels insecure when you have a promising career and you’re empowered.

Because of this, he will use every opportunity to degrade your work and make you feel worthless.

If you encounter someone like this, then it’s time to give your relationship a rethink.


Have you noticed any of these signs? You should have a talk with your partner and decide on what decision to make.


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