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Signs that your partner does not love you anymore! The deceiving of self should stop

It is not only one person ends the relationship before you can tell its dead. These signs will tell you for free


This post by its heading looks like a hard one, one set out to get you but this is far from the truth, this post is simply to help you remove the rose-coloured glasses you have been wearing since the first day you started the relationship officially especially since the love has gone.

You should not listen to words as they have been known to be the downfall of others who stayed in bad or terrible relationships instead pay your attention to actions. Actions will save you. They’ll be the wind beneath your wings when you are ready to fly. Words without the support of actions mean nothing.

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  • YOU ARE NOT A PRIORITY: How you are in a relationship and not a priority will forever and ever baffle me. It’s just two of you but you are not important, how? If this is a reoccurring issue and you always feel that he or she always has something more important than you and your relationship, let me announce to you that love does not live here.
  • HE OR SHE IS ALLERGIC TO COMMITMENTS: You are in a relationship with someone who is allergic to commitments? Please, tell me what exactly you two intend to achieve? If you can not rely on your man or woman and every time when you need to talk about future plans or some commitments, he or she runs away, please carry your bags and leave before you end up hurting yourself.
  • YOU ARE ALWAYS HIS OR HER PLAN B: You should be the most important thing to your partner but if you mostly get calls that want you to throw away your daily plan at the last moment for him or her or to use you as a backup when other plans fail, then he or she is using you and nothing more.
  • HE OR SHE TRIES TO MANIPULATE YOUR DECISIONS OR OPINIONS: I do not think you can call someone who thinks that they are always right a partner but if that is where you find yourself, I am sorry to say that it should be addressed asap. If they think and behave as they want, you are just being used my friend. A loving and caring partner will never behave like this.
  • HE IS CONSTANT COMMUNICATION WITH THE EX: If a man or woman has serious intentions with and for you, he or she will never be in constant communication with the ex a lot. They might be friends and check up on each other but you would be the main and you’ll not have palpitations about it.


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