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Signs Girls Show When They Are Jealous

Take note of these signs in your relationship

Signs Girls Show When They Are Jealous

Girls are very emotional and can have different reactions to a particular situations differently from their male counterparts. So whereas a man will either confront his lady about his growing concerns in their relationship, a lady will have more than one means to communicate the same thing.

Here are signs girls show when they are jealous:

Mood Swings

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When a girl gets jealous, you’ll notice mood swings that happen so suddenly and without questions. This happens mostly when a girl that is interested in you notices your attention is on another lady. Ladies are naturally wired to be moody and you can notice this if she was happy and smiling and all of a sudden becomes quiet and reserved.

Ignore You

Well, not all ladies will ignore once they get jealous, this trait is especially particular with strong women archetypes. Because they are jealous, they would begin to act hard to get and will ignore you. This will usually go on until you make an effort or they feel they’ve gotten your attention before they talk to you again.

Flirting With Other People

Some ladies can go the extra mile to get your attention when they are interested in you but you’ve not quite noticed. One means you’ll know when a girl is jealous is when she flirts with people and usually someone close to you so that you will notice them and see if you’ll get jealous as well.

Pretending to Be Busy

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More often than always, when a girl becomes jealous, she’ll pretend to be busy because she does not want to be ignored. When you go out with friends, she’ll keep her distance from you and talk with other people. Another sign here is that she’ll take her phone and act busy by going through social media.

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Becomes Clingy

When a lady gets jealous, she tends to become territorial with her partner and would not want other girls to wander around her boyfriend. This is common and although it is perceived as cute and a great turn on for some, it can be seen as being too clingy and a turn off for others.

Going Through His Phone

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Most girls, if not all, have this 6th sense when they get jealous and will go through their partner’s phone. Probably you work late nights or you are a really friendly guy, she will get jealous and out of suspicion go through your calls and messages on your phone.

I think it’s quite obvious at this point to know that most of the signs discussed above don’t usually have negative intentions. They are just means a girl will take in order to get your attention and assure her of her feeling towards you. So be it faking an illness, lying or flirting with other people, it’s just their language telling you to pay more attention to them.


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