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Should People Really Take Breaks from Relationships?

If any of these was the reason for the relationship breaking up, you have acted so well

We all know relationship involves a lot and not many can actually keep up with the many things relationships require for it to keep thriving.

We all have heard of cases of people ending things after a long while together simply because there seem to be no more spark in the relationship and thus decide to go on a break.

This ‘taking a break’ act has now gotten many talking on social media as not so many people believe people need to take breaks in their relationship as in most cases it simply means that relationship is over.

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Some Twitter users took to his page to ask people’s opinion of taking breaks in relationships and one of his followers wrote;

Taking a week or two maybe even a month to take a step back is not a bad thing half of y’all are stuck in a relationship you don’t feel completely fulfilled in simply because you’re comfortable and it what’s you’re used to!

Another person tweeted;

Breaks don’t always mean you breaking up or they gone cheat with somebody, some people just want a lil space. It’s okay to have a break from each other

Another wrote;

If someone asks for a break, leave them to take the time they need. It’s not all the time someone wants to be stuck with your overbearing ass. Not giving them the space they’re asking for makes you come off as a psychopath

Another Twitter user while supporting this said it is essential for the people in that relationship as this will further help them grown.

Every1 is against this but, I solely attribute this to the success of my relationship. Taking a break helped us, grow as individuals, learn to deal and fix our toxic traits, taught me how to be happy without co depending on someone. Helped take the pressure off the relationship.

Now while these people believe it is very much okay for people to take breaks from their relationship if need be but, her opinion has been faulted and rejected by many who believes when people take breaks in their relationships, it simply means that relationship is over.

If you ever truly feel you need a break from your relationship, if you feel like you need to not talk to them for several days for whatever reason, you should probably just actually break up

Now this has gotten us asking if people really need to take breaks from their relationships. Guys what do you think.


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