See Why Nobody Wore Black Armbands For Sala

The first English Premier League matches since the tragic disappearance of Cardiff City’s new signing, Emliano Sala’s plane were played last night and curiously, no team players were spotted wearing black armbands.


Sala, who last week was on a trip back to England when the plane carrying only him and the pilot disappeared over the English Channel. All efforts to find him and the pilot since then have sadly yielded no results. His family has since started a private search to find him.

Why do Teams Wear Black Armbands

Black armbands are usually worn to show a sign of respect for tragic events. They can be work to mark a recent tragic event or for historic anniversaries of tragic events like the Munich Air Disaster of 1958 or the Hillsborough tragedy.

Earlier this season, players of Arsenal FC have sported black armbands to mark the death of their former chairman, Peter Hill-Wood in December 2018. Also Arsenal and Crystal palace players wore black armbands with their counterparts in Leicester City after the tragic death of the Leicester City owner, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in October 2018.

Why Didn’t Any Team Player Wear Black Armbands For Sala

After the first early fixtures of the weekend FA Cup matches were played with players wearing black armbands for Sala, Sala’s famly contacted the English FA and asked that the players should stop wearing the armbands.  The FA then directed the teams to stop wearing the armbands.

His family asked them to stop because Sala had not officially been declared dead.

Even though the premier league authorities had earlier announced that black armbands would be worn for Sala, the directive was cancelled at the request of Sala’s family.

Instead, Cardiff City players and management wore yellow daffodils on their clothing and a picture of Sala was displayed in the stadium with the caption “Pray For Sala”.

Cardiff City fans displayed a banner which read:

“We never saw you play and we never saw you score but Emiliano our beautiful bluebird we will love you forever more”.

Arsenal also added Emiliano Sala’s name to the Cardiff team list with a daffodil flower where his number was  supposed to be.


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