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See What a Kiss on The Forehead Does for Women

See What a Kiss on The Forehead Does for Women

A Twitter user by the name Adeniyi has taken to the social media platform to ask what a kiss on the forehead does for ladies as they just keep raving about it.

Ladies, this kiss on the forehead thing, what exactly does it do to you

His tweet has since been reacted to by a couple of women with a couple sharing just ow much they feel loved and comforted by this kiss.

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One user wrote;

Gives us comfort

Another tweeted;

Leemao😂😂😂 basically nothing!We don’t demand for it or i don’t demand for it! But if you do that to me, I’d appreciate it! I mean it gives some sort of confidence and some level of peace cause it takes some level of closeness and rating for a guy or your guy to actually do that

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