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Scientific Research Can Confirm if Someone is into You

Science can confirm if your crush is crushing on you too

Scientific Research Can Confirm if Someone is into You

Being in the dating game is usually somehow and according to scientific research, there are actually ways to tell if someone is into you. By zoning in on these signals other than their spoken words, it is possible to gain some insight into how these people feel about us.

Let us talk about what some of those signals could be okay, here are six ways to tell if someone is into you, according to science.

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  1. He Or She Points Their Feet Towards You: According to research, when someone likes you, they’ll turn their toes to point towards you because our bodies line up when we’re in love (heart to heart, face to face). It is said that when the feet are pointed directly toward another person, this is a sign of attraction, or at the very least, genuine interest. So do you want to confirm, check out the babe’s feet Sir
  2. Their Palms Will Be Sweaty: You know that thing they say about racing heart around someone we’re attracted, it is not a lie o. Studies have shown if you’re close to someone you find attractive, your heart rate will increase, according to CNN. The same also applies if someone is attracted to you, their heart will begin beating fast as well. Hormones like adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine flow through the blood and then the heart rate increases.It is easy to know when our own heart is racing but it might be difficult and very weird to try to get someone else’s pulse, an easy way is to observe if the person has sweaty palms. They say part of the whole attraction process is strongly linked to physiological arousal as a whole and that is typically, going to start things like increased heart rate, sweatness and so on.
  3. He Or She Will Lean In Towards You: They say if someone is leaning towards you, it is another sign they’re feeling you. University of Kansas researchers studied flirting and found people tend to lean into someone they’re interested in, and adopt an open body posture.
  4. They Walk At Your Pace: Another research has shown that individuals will match pace with you when they’re in love. So check out that person you’re currently gelling his or her package and then check out your speed when walking. The will walk up when you do, and slow down when you do as well.
  5. They’ll Hold Eye Contact: They usually say that lingering eye contact is one way to tell if there is an attraction between two people, and Scientific American has confirmed it. If that special person you’re wondering about is gazing deep into your eyes on the regular, it could mean he or she is feeling much more towards you than simply friendship.
  6. Their Pupils Will Dilate: Let’s say Mr. or Ms Right is holding that eye contact we just mentioned above, now try to check their pupils, research says that it will dilate in a completely uncontrolled way. The pupils will be enlarged, kind of.

So the next time you are hanging out with that special person, take notice of these signs. If the person is showing some of these signs, they are definitely into you.


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