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Resolutions in Your Relationship That are Easy To Keep

We know it is not the beginning of the year but relationships start anytime so we thought it was okay to give you resolutions at the beginning of April.

Do you know how you are always failing at the New Year Resolutions you make? Yup, we know that you fail.

We have decided to give you relationship resolutions that we are quite sure you’ll have no problem keeping. Instead of making huge and over the top plans for your relationship, try starting small.

These resolutions are fun and can help you have a better relationship with your partner this year.

So here are 5 of them

  1. Pick a day to do absolutely nothing together. You guys seem to get along when you’re always doing cool, fun things together. We ask you to give your relationship a little test, try spending an entire day doing nothing. Not a thing. If you two can enjoy yourselves without any activities, you’ve got a solid thing going. Added, you just enjoyed a day of absolute rest.
  2. Save up for one big thing. Save all the money you usually spend on pizza and random snacks, put it together to go on a big, fancy date at a restaurant you normally can’t afford. It gives you something really fun to look forward to, and an experience to share. All good things.
  3. Vow to go to a new place every month. This will help you from being one of those couples that just stare at their phones silently eating at the same place every week. Mix it up, Have a list of new places to visit whether it’s just a park or the beach. Mixing it up will allow for the zing to last longer.
  4. Plan a tiny trip. Take a weekend trip, a day trip to the next city, or a night stay in a hotel in town—you just need to plan something. It’s not important what you choose exactly because the process of planning and the excitement of getting something together is the real price of this resolution. You will learn a lot about your partner by planning this trip together. And that’s a good place to be for any relationship.
  5. Pick a good piece of dating advice and learn from it. Most people in relationships always think that they do not need advice anymore. Seeing as they’ve gotten the lady or guy, what is the need.   Take stock of all the advice you’ve heard but particularly the ones you have learnt from your past relationship, and learn from it or them. The goal of this resolution is to be a better person in the relationship than when you started it.

These resolutions are easy to keep. And it’s a given that your relationship will be shining new if you keep them.

Keep Loving!!!


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