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Relationships: When to Say No

Sometimes it becomes necessary to say no even to your partner.

We have been told to learn to compromise in a relationship for its good, but it becomes necessary when the experiences become increasing negative to one or both parties.

Here are 5 reasons and situations when you can tell your partner no:

Experiences Are Mostly Negative

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Most relationships start off with expectations and then along the road, many couples get to the point that the opposite occurs. Abuse sets in, whether emotionally or physically. At this point, it becomes important to say “NO”, so as not to cause a scare to your emotional health.

You’re No Longer Interested

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Some point in the beginning or during a relationship you might stop feeling the spark of the relationship. It is important to speak up immediately this occurs as this might not be apparent to both parties. Speak to your partner about your concerns and where possible, make necessary amends. If it leads to a breakup, it’ll would save the parties from the hurt of not knowing.

When You Foresee A Breakup

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There’s a huge difference between being with someone and being with someone you have a deep admiration for. One of these differences is knowing that you see yourself building a possible future with the person. Its better to cut off early from someone you’re just using to feel a void or satisfy a desire of not being alone.

Distance Becomes a Barrier

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If you feel like long distance relationship isn’t for you, its good to say no from the onset as it becomes annoying when you’re showing no commitments to the relationship in the long term. Don’t let falling in love cloud your conscience and judgement.

You’re Not Ready

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As difficult as it may sound, not being ready to take on a relationship is a valid reason to say no. People should learn how to say so more often. Lots of relationships (both romantic and plutonic) wouldn’t have hit rock bottom if they had just said no in the beginning. being in a relationship a big responsibility that shouldn’t be taken likely because a lot of commitments are involved and decision making.

“Better to be ready and not have than to have and not be ready”.

Finally, the ultimate decision is for you to decide. You can say no at any point for any given or not given reason. The important thing is to be able to convey your thoughts and words appropriately for better communication and understanding.


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