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Relationship Tips You Need to IGNORE

When you come across Relationship tips or post anywhere, IGNORE these ones if they pop up.

These Fixes are The Only Thing You Need Dealing With a Long Distance Relationships

I know you get bamboozled most times with tips form blogs, social media and the internet in general, these tips are designed or written to help, improve or make your relationship better and that is very good. The thing is, some of these tips sound really stupid to read because it’s archaic. It’s 2019, people need to stop believing everything they hear or read.

These are seven relationship tips you need to completely ignore, I am serious, Ignore it totally.

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  • Being jealous means they truly love youPlease, let it be known that jealousy and love are not directly proportional, they do not mix with each other. Jealousy is a normal part of every relationship and it is bound to happen but when jealousy goes overboard it just means that insecurities are starting to take over.
  • Sometimes, a lie can save a relationshipIf you need to lie to save your relationship, it’s obvious that the said relationship does not have a firm foundation. Lying is NOT a healthy part of any relationship and it does not save any relationship, it just delays the inevitable.
  • All you need is loveNo, love is not oxygen and I don’t believe love means life.  Love is a part of life, a section of it but it is not life itself. Love is supposed to enhance your life, not give it meaning.
  • Everybody deserves a second chanceNope, not everyone deserves a second chance. Yes, forgive but not everyone should be given a second chance or even a shot at a second chance.

    Real couples don’t argue

    Whoever told you this is a liar because whenever two different individuals come together they are bound to have a lot of differences. Arguing does not mean the relationship is doomed as it is normal and sometimes a healthy part of every relationship.

  • Love will come to you when you’re not lookingThis is one of the saddest tips I’ve heard. It does not sound reasonable in any way. If a single person does not want to love anyone, how do you say it’ll come when they are not looking. And then if a single person wants to love someone, how do you say it will come to them if they do not look for it? See why I said it is a sad tip?
  • The best way to move on is to be with someone elseTrust me, this is a bad idea. You CANNOT be with someone else if you’re still hurt from your breakup. How can you even think of loving someone else when you are still in love with your Ex? You need the proper time to heal yourself first.


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