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Relationship Blogger Blessing Okoro Shares Intimate Details About Herself

Relationship Blogger Blessing Okoro Shares Intimate Details About Herself

Relationship blogger Blessing Okoro has private things about herself during a recent interview with media personality Daddy Freeze.

According to Blessing, she started dating at the age of 14 and lost her virginity at 16.

I started dating when I was 14, the guy i was dating turned out to be my husband who i got married to when I was 18. He was 10-years older than me’.

On if she started having sex with the guy, she said;  ‘yes we were. I loved him’.

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You know when we say I was 14, we were under ages, but we were exposed. Back then I used to lie about my age too because i was exposed and looked bigger than my age. So we dated and got married even though my parents didn’t want the marriage because they felt I was still very young.

She also revealed that she’s now in a relationship but didn’t reveal further details.

Recall Blessing made news a few months back after she was caught in a lie.

The relationship blogger had taken to her IG page to share photos of a house claiming it was hers until the real owner called her out on social media.

After having been caught in a lie, Blessing issues a public apology which read thus;

Hey lovers, I know it has been crazy lately and I am sincerely sorry. I take responsibility for everything. I hate that I had to put my friends and everyone else who looked up to me in this position. Like everyone else I had goals set up for the year and one of them was to finish my house before my 30th birthday and it was a resolution I had laid out in public but because of certain reasons I couldn’t meet up the deadline and that put me under mental pressure for success.

I was impatient which led to beating myself too hard and I could have done better. I AM REALLY SORRY I LET YOU ALL DOWN. I know better now. I know not to go ahead of my victory and have small wins celebration. Here is to everyone under any sort of pressure.

I had to experience a major meltdown to learn that patience is a virtue. It is only going to take a little time but the lines will eventually fall in pleasant places. And for the incessant calls and text messages from my loved ones that were terrified seeing me on cuffs I was never arrested or detained and no police officers were associated with the act. It was their best form of proving a point.

But I am grateful to everyone who stood by me, I hope you still find a place in your heart to forgive, love me and accept me as the crazy happy girl you have always loved. Thanks for not giving up on me entirely.”


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