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Relationship: Advice that you need but you may not know

Never ever forget these timeless relationship nuggets


Every relationship has its own twist and turns, patterns and ways. No two relationships are alike(just for the very fact that that the people in the relationship are different) and as such, rules applied to one might not work for the other.

With this in mind, it’ll be a terrible idea to put all relationships in one basket and use the one rule fits all approach to them but there are a few fundamental truths that apply to relationships because they apply to the human(s) involved in the said relationships.

Here is a few timeless relationship advice that you’ll need.

  1. Not everything will make sense immediately: At the start of a new relationship or even in the middle sometimes, you may not be exactly sure what is happening. The trick is to be patient, learn to wait it out. Over time, you’ll understand what you both are about the same way you came to the understanding of yourself.
  2. Be gentle to your lover’s heart: We often times forget that our partner’s heart beats exactly like ours and they are prone to pain as much as you. Their heart is attached to a soul and therefore needs to be tended. Take care of his or heart just as much as you take care of yours.
  3. Nurture the friendship: The root of every relationship is and should be friendship. The same way you care for your other friendships is the same way you should care for your romantic one with a bit of extra. Do not leave that friendship at the door and focus only on the romance. Make your partner your best friend.
  4. No one is perfect: If we have this rule in mind, we will be more open and more forgiving. Knowing also that this rule applies to our very self will help us embrace the good and bad in our partner.
  5. Ask and Listen: Mind reading in a relationship has never helped anyone. The best go to route to know what is going on is to ask. The same law applies to you as a person. When you’ve asked, take the time to listen(even if you are blamed and you know it’s not your fault) without any form of attack. This will help you understand what the root problem is and find ways to solve them.

Alright then, here you go. 5 fundamentals can be used or applied to your relationship. It is guaranteed to work just because they are applicable to you as an individual first.


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