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Red Flags you Need to be Aware of in Relationships

Here are a couple of red flags that you should be aware of

Red flags you Need to be Aware of in Relationships

The start of a relationship is usually an exciting and happy time. It seems like you are floating on clouds, the world is a bit nicer and everything seems brighter, your heart jumps every time you hear your phone ring in the hopes it’s your new love messaging you.  It’s nice when relationships start in this way but as your relationship evolves, there are some relationship red flags you need to be aware of.

The point of being aware of a red flag in a relationship isn’t so you can run as fast as you can although, if it is domestic violence, whether physical, verbal or emotional, they are not just red flags but ticking time bombs waiting to go off and you do need to get out. Being aware of red flags means you know what to look for, what could lead to something being a bigger issue and may indicate that you aren’t actually that compatible.

Please note that red flags don’t go away on their own. They need to be addressed and worked through otherwise they will keep coming up.

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  1. You Don’t Really Talk Much: Communication is essential in every relationship and it might come to you as a cliche but it’s true. If you’re finding you don’t talk much, or you once did talk and communicate well, but you don’t anymore, this is a relationship red flag and you need to address it, even if it does make you feel uncomfortable.
  2. They Make You Feel Like You Can’t Spend Time With Anyone Except Them: At the start of a relationship, you want to spend a whole heap of time with your new love but the issue arises when you completely cut off your friends or family because your new partner makes you feel like you need to spend all of your time with them.  Cutting you off from your friends and family are traits of a narcissistic personality and is a major, major red flag in a relationship.
  3. You Feel Like You Always Have To Justify Or Explain Yourself: If you feel like you always have to explain or justify everything you do, or anything in your past when you’re in a relationship, then just watch that red flag rise up.  If you find out that you feel like you need to justify everything then keep in mind this is something you need to discuss with your partner and work out why you feel this way.
  4. You’re Sad More Often Than You’re Happy: All relationships have their ups and downs, and as people, we have our ups and downs too. Stress gets to us, emotions run high, hormones, commitments, expectations and it’s okay to have sad days. It’s okay if you need to let it all out and not feel like you have to put on a happy face but if your relationship is making you sad more often than it’s making you happy then this is a red flag.
  5. You Fight a Lot: Keep in mind, there is a big difference between fighting and arguing. If you have a big personality, and you’re in a relationship with someone with a big personality, then chances are you’re going to argue, and that’s okay but if you find you are fighting a lot in your relationship (yelling, name-calling, feeling scared or put down, personal attacks, actual threats’) then chances are you’re ticking the box for more than just one red flag on this list.
  6. You’re Not On The Same Page When Talking About Future Ideas And Aspirations: You don’t have to be on the exact same page on every single topic when it comes to your future, but you should at least be in the same book.

However, if you find there’s no room for compromise, there’s no support given only support expected and if you feel like you’re giving up everything to make your partner happy, then this is a sign your relationship may not last the distance.


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