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Reasons Single Life is the Absolute Best

Dear Single People, do not let any one dash you lies. Read this post to know why singleness is the absolute best!

Reasons Single Life is the Absolute Best

We know you most times see post and articles talking about relationships and how they are the best things after sliced bread. I am here to announce to you that it is necessarily not true.

A large number of the population think that it is unfortunate or some sort of disease to be single and you can only be “complete” once you have met that special someone with whom eternal happiness is guaranteed. I tell you that it is a LIE.

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So if you have ever been consumed by unhealthy thoughts concerning your single life, I want to give you 9 reasons that will remind you why single life is wonderful and you should think of it as magic.

  1.  Opportunity to discover oneselfBeing single opens the gates to a whole new territory of thoughts and feelings and allows you the freedom to think about yourself and what you want out of life. And armed with that understanding about yourself, you are free to endeavor to attain those things.
  2. Chance to focus on selfBeing single gives you the opportunity to focus on yourself. You gain an understanding of all the things that can make you happy, like developing new skills and perhaps even inculcating them into your lives.
  3. CareerIf there is no one but yourself to consider, you can focus on your career without being overwhelmed with feelings of guilt or feeling terrible about it.
  4. More time to do your thingAnother beauty of being single is you can do whatever you need to do at your own pace. So, if what you want this weekend is to settle down at home and binge on movies, then that is what you shall do. Do your own thing.
  5. Self-loveSingleness gives you ample time and opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses and accept yourself enough to confidently be. When you love yourself, you don’t feel pressurised to find another person to do it for you. “
  6. ArgumentsYou sha will not be arguing with yourself all the time abi? There are significantly fewer arguments when you are single.
  7. FriendshipsWhether you like it or not, the time you spend with your friends will be limited while you’re in a relationship but being single gives you more time to devote to friends. Making new friends seems to holds more appeal.
  8. FreedomIf you have ever been in a choky relationship or ever had a breakup, you will be able to relate to the amazing sense of freedom that being single brings.  Can you smell that? It’s the sweet aroma of freedom.


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