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Read These Top 10 Secretes of Highly Creative People And Never Remain The Same With Your Level of Creativeness

Read These Top 10 Secretes of Highly Creative People And Never Remain The Same With Your Level of Creativeness

To be creative isn’t a day job and it doesn’t have to be. Like the name implies, “CREATIVITY”. It’s the act of creating something… My guy make we leave story, let’s get to see the 10 lifestyles of creative people that you can learn and begin creating something sharp sharp.

1. Creativity takes time and silent space. It is best to schedule time daily or at least weekly to allow yourself time to develop your creativity.

2. There are cycles of creativity. We are not always in a harvesting phase there will be times when you feel as if nothing is happening. Don’t become concerned.

3. Select mentors, friends and dream partners wisely. A sad, but true, fact is that not everyone (sometimes even those closest to you) will support your dreams. You don’t have to sever any ties, just carefully select the members of your creative team.

4. Commit to yourself. Overcoming guilt is a big factor in unleashing creativity. It may mean having a messy house or not over committing.

5. Set strong boundaries. Choose your commitments carefully. To paraphrase Oprah Winfrey “I say No to many things, so that I may say Yes to what gives me life.”

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6. Work from your strengths. We have a tendency to focus on our weaknesses and spend enormous amounts of time trying to “improve”. The reality is that were you to spend 80% of your effort to become good at a weakness you might improve that area by 20%. But if you were to spend that same 80% of your effort to improve an area of strength, you might improve it by 100% or more!

7. Fear is a companion of creativity. Make friends with fear. You will probably feel fear when you venture out into unfamiliar territory. Always expect it and make sure you redefine it as energy so you can always move on.

8. Stop criticizing yourself. Stay positive about your performance. Yes, you can polish it and improve, but focus on the fact that you are taking action in the first place.

9. Get over perfectionism. A tough one! You will rarely try anything new if you only stick to the things you have already mastered.

10. Play, have fun, feel joyful! Creativity is about play. When you do the things you love and abandon yourself to your feelings of joy, you know you’ve found your highest expression of creativity.


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