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Read How Juliet Mgborukwe’s Ex- Husband Mocks Her On Instagram A Day After She Announces Divorce

Chima Ojukwu, Juliet Mgborukwe’s ex-husband, has taken to Instagram to poke fun at his ex-wife days after she announced they had officially divorced.

Juliet, made the revelation on December 19 that they had finalised divorce proceedings. The media personality revealed that divorce was quite a challenging process for her to go through but she managed to pull through. (Read here)

It didn’t take long for her ex-husband Chima to call her out on Instagram, countering her claims. According to him, she begged to keep his surname but will no longer be getting “free rides” in the form of child support.

“The face you make when you get to pay 22 dollars in child support for two kids and your real and only ex wife is getting ready to take you off child support for your first child, DON CHIMAINO takes care of his kids no need for child support, he has them 50 50 so no free rides for that ass, ya gats to work ya ass off too also the face you make when someone begs to keep your last name after they didn’t get a dime and couldn’t move the babies out of state, awww poracita bwahahaha …now I own people like George Washington owned slaves back in the day with his name attached to them bwahahaha, DON CHIMAINO never takes an L . foh church rat …people that talk about the past are the ones full of regrets, God you know I kept my hands clean and you worked for me, thank you Jesus, dearest future wifey get your shit together cause I still believe in the institute of marriage but until then let me party it up a little cause I whipped the devil’s ass,” he wrote.

"I whipped the devil?s ass" Juliet Mgborukwe

Juliet and Chima were one of the messiest celebrity couples of 2018. The couple fought dirty on Instagram with claims of domestic violence and cheating from both parties.

We don’t know what might happen after this, but we sure know they are divorced. Do you know more about the whole saga? Let’s hear from you below. Thanks 😊


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