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Read About What Cardi B Gives Offset For His 28th Birthday

Read About What Cardi B Gives Offset For His 28th Birthday

For a man like Offset who already has everything, Cardi B sure knows the best kind of birthday gift for him.

The rapper took to Instagram on Saturday, December 14, 2019, to celebrate Offset’s 28th birthday by presenting him with a lavish gift.

In a two minute video, Cardi gifted $500,000 kept in a fridge to her husband after giving a heartfelt speech.

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“You got every car. You got every jewelry. You got everything. You got every shoe. You know what I’m saying. What else can I give somebody that got everything? The fridge!” she said.

Shocked to hear Cardi’s announcement, Offset turned to see a refrigerator filled with money and began unloading the stacks of cash from it

‘That’s $500,000, Cardi revealed ‘I know I don’t have to give you this money, but I don’t know what to give you and I gotta give you something.’

“Happy birthday, and don’t expect no Christmas gift from me. Ain’t no Christmas gift. Only for the kids.”

This comes after Cardi’s recent visit to Nigeria and her sold-out concert in the country. In addition to having a taste of Nigerian Jollof, she raked in checks.


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