What Was Your Childhood Like? Let’s Find Out In This Quiz

Childhood is one of the most important times of our lives. It shapes us into the adults we become. Because of this, we tend not to forget it so easily. What kind of childhood did you have? Play this quiz to find out!

  • Which of these objects can you relate to the most from childhood?

    • Slippers
    • Broom
    • Belt
    • Hanger
    • None
  • How Did You Relate With Adults?

    • You were never to be seen or heard when adults were talking
    • You conversed with adults as if you were mates
    • You hardly saw any adults around the house.
    • You only spoke when you were spoken to
  • How did your parents react whenever you commit an offence?

    • They always promised they were going to beat you but never did
    • They seized your sources of entertainment
    • They gave you corporal punishment
    • None of the above
  • At what age were you able to sit down with your parents and gist without feeling awkward?

    • Right from childhood
    • Age 15
    • Age 30
  • How did you feel when you finally reached adulthood?

    • “Free at last! I can now do whatever I want.”
    • Mhen I miss childhood o but adulthood is still fun
    • I miss childhood totally!
  • What kind of relationship did you have with the outdoors?

    • You were allowed to roam freely from one’s neighbor’s house to another
    • No play for you. It was all house chores and school work
    • No outdoors for you except on weekends.
  • Which of these describes your relationship with house chores?

    • There were always house helps so house chores were not required.
    • You were assigned a portion of the house which you were expected to do daily.
    • It was work work work all week!
  • What was your relationship with food?

    • You didn’t like Eba so you were allowed to eat Indomie instead.
    • You could have whatever you wanted after eating your fruits and vegetables
    • You ate beans and yam porridge all through the week.
  • Which of these describes your relationship with breakfast.

    • You were forbidden to eat until you had done all the house work by 10
    • Break fast was always ready once you woke up
    • Break fast was never fixed for a definite time
  • How was the money you received during childhood handled?

    • Your parents made sure your money was saved
    • Your parents always asked you for the money and promised to keep it for you but the rest is history
    • You spent every money you received and were not obliged to show your parents
  • Who were you on the last day of school?

    • The child who couldn’t wait to go home irrespective of what your grades were.
    • The child who was always sad if they came in anything other than first position.
    • Grades were just a number! It didn’t matter if you failed or not.
  • What kind of child were you on open day?

    • The child who was never sure if his/her parents were coming or not
    • The child who was always concerned whether he/she had behaved well throughout the term
    • The child who couldn’t be bothered because you knew there would be no punishments irrespective of what teachers told your parents
  • Which adjective best describes your life right now?

    • Carefree and disorganised
    • Detailed-oriented
    • Overly critical
  • Pick one of these actresses to be your mother.

    • Patience Ozo
    • Ngozi Ezeonu
    • Joke Silva
  • Pick one of these actors to be your father.

    • 10 Richard Mofe Damijo Movies you Would Want to See Again and Again
    • Pete Edochie
    • Olu Jacobs


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