Were You A Fan Of Classic Bollywood Movies When You Were Younger? We’ll Soon Find Out

Bollywood movies are one of the most popular movies in the world. There are chances that you’ve seen quite a few yourself particularly the classic Bollywood movies. Let’s find out if you were a fan of such classic Bollywood movies with this personality quiz below.

  • Which of these animals do you fear the most?

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    • Dogs
    • Scorpion
  • Which of these scenarios were popular in old Bollywood movies?

    • Snake jumps on man. Man throws it away.
    • People practise a lot o Kung Fu
    • Woman puts poison in food and tastes it.
    • People laughing at someone
  • What is the name of this actor?

    • Amitabh Bachchan
    • Anupam Kher
    • Stephen Chow
    • Jason Momoa
  • The actor below starred in one of these classic Indian movies. Which one?

    • Mard
    • 3 Idiots
    • Kaagaz Ke Phool
    • Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow
  • What activities are popular in Indian movies?

    • Fighting Kung Fu
    • Singing and dancing
    • Ballet Dancing
    • Gymnastics
  • Pick a musical instrument

    • Harmonica
    • Flute
    • Piano
    • Trumpet
  • Which adjective best describes you?

    • Hopeless Romantic
    • Player
    • Friends with benefits
    • sadist
  • Which of these religions are most popular in Indian movies?

    • Hinduism
    • Islam
    • Christianity
    • Jewish
  • Which of these deities are popular in Indian movies?

    • Yes
    • No
    • YE
  • Which of these gestures are most popular in Indian movies with?

    • Shaking head from left to right
    • Finger pointing
    • Presenting and accepting gifts with both hands
    • smiling


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