This Quiz Will Reveal The Person You Are At The Owambe Party

For most people, owambe is a big deal. This is where you meet all kinds of people. Which category do you fall into. Let’s play this quiz to find out!

  • How do you react when your friend tells you to buy expensive aso-ebi?

    • As long as it’s a party, cost don’t mean a thing.
    • Asoebi again?? Please give me the colour of the day.
    • It depends on the kind wedding
    • You divide the asoebi between you and your friends (common mathematics)
  • What kind of social category do you prefer following the most on Instagram?

    • Lifestyle
    • Food
    • Fashion
    • Celebrity
  • How close are you to your tailor?

    • Fairly close
    • Really close
    • I could care less.
    • I’ve given up on tailors!
  • How long should the church service last before the wedding reception?

    • There should be none at all!
    • 15 minutes
    • 30 minutes
    • 1 hour
  • How long can you stand wearing Gele?

    • Till the end of the wedding
    • I can’t tie gele to save my life.
    • It ends at the church service
    • Gele is the most important aspect of your attire.
  • What’s your take on Nigerian jollof Rice?

    • Omo Nigerian jollof is bae for life
    • Much ado about nothing
    • IDGAF!
    • Jollof is not the only food. You like variety
  • How do you react to love?

    • So cute!
    • Does that shit even exist?
    • You’re a sucker for love.
    • There’s love everywhere
  • How do you react when your friend announces he/she is getting married?

    • Anything goes as far as you’re concerned.
    • You give your all to support your friend because that’s a very important day
    • You wish your friend was not married! There’s still more adventure you can have together
    • You’re the matchmaker among your friends so this is the best news you can hear
  • How do you walk into the reception hall?

    • You enter the hall and go and sit at one corner
    • You walk strait to the celebrants to quickly exchange pleasantries
    • Once you enter, head turn and people even think you’re the one getting married
    • You quickly position yourself where the food is at.
  • How do you prepare for the big day?

    • You level up because that’s where you’re going to catch fishes
    • Your style is your priority so you put all the effort
    • Wear something comfortable to give space for food.
    • Learn all the dance steps you can learn before the d-day
  • What’s your best spot at the reception hall?

    • Food spot
    • DJ’s spot
    • High table
    • Booze spot
  • How do you prepare to turn up at the party?

    • You look at yourself in the mirror to ensure your appearance is spot in
    • Give your friend your phone to video you
    • Take some booze first to lighten up
    • Who music epp? Food first!
  • How glad are you when an Owanbe annoucement is made?

    • Very Very Happy
    • Somewhat happy
    • Not that a party type
    • Happy and start counting down
  • How do you care to get to a wedding party?

    • Anyhow
    • Only by my car
    • On Okada is fine
    • Public bus
  • What’s your food specification at the Owambe?

    • Anything that comes my way
    • Swallow is the only thing i root for
    • Jollof Rice only
    • Cake would do


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