This Quiz will reveal if you love fame or you’d rather not be in the spotlight

Do you love fame? Can you stand all the drama that comes with being in the spotlight? Take this quiz and we’ll tell you.

  • Pick one of these states to permanently live

    • New York
    • California
    • Hawaii
    • Texas
  • How do you react when someone else takes the spotlight?

    • You’re uneasy and you don’t know what to do
    • You don’t like stress so you’ll just focus your attention somewhere else.
    • Pull a stunt to draw attention back to yourself.
  • How do you know react to negative rumours about you?

    • OMG… not again.
    • Hmmm, this is interesting (rubs chin).
    • Omo I go break person head o!
    • Starts crying
  • What kind of student were you in school?

    • You were the notorious student but teachers still liked you.
    • You preferred your own space
    • Friend of all the teachers.
  • Pick A Favourite Club

    • Literary
    • Robotics Club
    • Press Club
    • Drama Club
  • What do you do in your spare time?

    • Play video games
    • Binge-watch Netflix
    • Drink with the boys/ Girls night out
    • Read books all day
  • What social media channel are you most active on?

    • Twitter
    • Snapchat
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
  • Which of these politicians would you like to meet?

    • None
    • Ademola Adeleke A.K.A “The Dancing Senator”
    • Yemi Osibanjo
    • Lai Mohammed
  • Which of these venues appeal the most to you for a first date?

    • Karaoke
    • Restaurant
    • Cinema
    • Netflix and chill
  • Pick one of these states to permanently live in

    • Abuja
    • Lagos
    • Kaduna
    • Port Harcourt


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