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Take this quiz to find out which famous person in history best suits your personality.

Often times we hear about individuals who have achieved great feat, from way back. We adore some of these people and some of us even hope and aspire to be like them, someday.

Wouldn’t it be just great to find out which of these great historical figures best suit your personality? Take this quiz to find out!


  • You had an invitation to visit one city for a week, pick a city.

    • Paris
    • London
    • Rome
    • Qatar
    • Sydney
  • When it was Trump vs Hillary, who did you root for?

    • None of them
    • Hillary! Girl Power.
    • Trump.
    • I hate Politics
    • I wish there was a third strong force
  • Which of these historical periods do you consider your favorite?

    • The 19th Century
    • The Modern Era
    • The 1700s
    • The 14th-17th Centuries
    • The Roman days
  • If you had an opportunity to pick a governing style for your Country, which would you go for?

    • Democracy
    • Unitarialism
    • Communism
    • Tyranny
    • Monarchy
  • The middle ages had lots of religious themed arts, how do you feel about them?

    • I am not a believer
    • I don’t like them, but I respect the fact that some people do.
    • They are someone’s culture and I love culture.
    • I care for them, Sparingly.
    • I am a strong believer.
  • How do you like Enya’s songs?

    • Who is Enya?
    • I love her
    • She is adorable
    • I do not listen to songs
    • Just okay, I guess
  • You had a day off in a country side, how would you spend it?

    • I would just paint
    • I do not need any day off
    • I would relax and take in the secenery
    • I would go with a partner
    • I would meditate
  • You had to choose between Germany and Britain, Take a pick.

    • Germany
    • I know little about countries
    • No need for that, we are all one.
    • Do not make me choose
    • Britain it is.
  • Do You care much for the members of your family tree?

    • I don’t
    • Yes, they are a part of my existence
    • Knowledge of your roots is important, so Yes.
    • My bloodline doesn’t matter; My personality does.
    • I know a few of them
  • Who/What would you consider your greatest foe?

    • Death
    • My enemies
    • Political divide
    • No one, I am at peace with all men
    • Wealthy Oppressors
  • Which artistic activity can you do?

    • Write
    • Paint
    • I am not artistic
    • I don’t care for art
    • Sculpt
  • If you had a week long vacation, which item would you pack first?

    • Clothes
    • A book
    • Panting equipment
    • Music box
    • Toiletries


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