Take This Quiz to Find out How Easier It is for you to Live Alone?

Some people are known to be lone wolves who are made for a solitary life. Others have a need to be around people as much as possible. Others are in between depending on their mood.

Let’s find out which exactly you are with this revealing quiz.

  • Do you forget important dates and events?

    • Yes, All the time
    • No, Not at all
    • Sometimes
  • It is a weekend and your friends have invited you out. What is your reply?

    • Yes, I’ll be there
    • No, I can’t make it
    • I might if I feel like it
  • When you see dirty dishes, your first instinct is to wash them

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
  • Are you particular about your space

    • Yes
    • No
    • Depends on my mood
  • What is your first thought when you are hungry

    • I wish there was someone to cook for me
    • Cook something by myself
    • Find a friend who likes to cook and eat there
  • Most times being around people makes you feel

    • Drained
    • Invigorated
    • Neutral
  • What does your Sunday usually look like

    • Church and Sleep
    • Church and Hangout with friends
    • Sleep and hangout later
  • People will mostly describe you as

    • An open book
    • A secretive person
    • A total mystery
  • Do you fall asleep with the TV on

    • Yes, always
    • No, I like silence when sleeping
    • Sometimes
  • Do you like your Music loud

    • Yes, the highest
    • No, I’m considerate to those around
    • Sometimes, depending on my mood


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