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Sports Quiz: Are You A Sports Person? Take This Quiz

Sports is not just about football. There are several other exciting sport games out there – I’m sure you know this.

So this quiz is for all sports lovers. See how many non-football related sports questions you can answer correctly.

  • Who was the first player to win 5 straight Wimbledon Tennis titles?

    • Andre Agassi
    • Roger Federer
    • Bjorn Borg
    • Rafael Nadal
  • In Polo, what is a period of play called?

    • Period
    • Quarter
    • Chukka
    • Squilsh
  • “Alley Oop” is associated with which sport?

    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Golf
  • In Tennis, what follows a Deuce?

    • Deuces
    • Advert
    • Advantage
    • Adeuce
  • Why is boxer Jared Miller called “Big Baby”

    • He criess anytime he loses a fight
    • He lost a bet
    • He likes to call his opponents “small baby”
    • He was fat
  • Which of these terms is used in Golf?

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    • Albatross
    • TouchDown
    • Inning
    • Fillap
  • When a shot drops just before reaching the rim in Basketball, what is it called?

    • Dropshot
    • Failshot
    • Dropball
    • Airball
  • What game coincides with the AJ Vs Miller fight?

    • Grand Slam Final
    • HSBC World Seven Series
    • Super Bowl
    • UEFA Champions League Final
  • Which of these facts about Manny Pacquiao is wrong?

    • He is the current President of the Phillipines
    • His last match was his 70th professional bout
    • He is current Senator in the Phillipines
    • He is in his 40s
  • Which of these terms is used in Formular One racing?

    • Backmarker
    • Chasisloop
    • Car lapping
    • Marshmellow


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