Is your flag as RED as you think it is? Take this quiz to find out

A couple of days ago, Twitter went gaga with the red flag hashtag and we had men come out to school women on what was cool and not-so-cool in relationships. So we decided to help you note how much of a red flag you are and know where you stand with the men and women of the naija twitter community.

  • How often do you wash your towel?

    • After 2 months
    • Depends on the smell
    • When I have the time
  • How often do you change your toothbrush?

    • As the spirit leads
    • Every 2 months
    • Every year
  • Which of these have you never bought

    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Hand Cream
    • Nail Clipper
  • Which of these abbreviations do you use

    • WULLNP
    • LLNP
    • HBD
  • How often do you check your horoscope

    • Everyday
    • Monthly
    • Never
  • Do you call back when you say you would?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
  • Which brand of phone do you prefer your partner should have

    • Android
    • Iphone
    • Am I dating the phone?
  • Did you tweet or retweet during #redflag

    • Yes
    • No
    • I wanted to but I did not
  • Do you look out for red flags before you start a relationship?

    • Yes o. Very important
    • No, I take people as they are
    • Sometimes
  • What kind of relationship do you have with your Ex?

    • An Ex is nonexistent
    • A cordial one
    • If I am driving and they are walking, they will definitely have an accident
  • What type of car would you buy for your partner?

    • Beetles
    • Latest Benz
    • A Toyota
  • Where would you take him/her on a date?

    • Osun Osogbo
    • Dubai
    • Bar Beach, Lagos


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