I am a Boyfriend Material. But At least Can We Make a Guess?

In the country we live in, it seems the focus is always on the woman and what she can do or bring to a relationship. Today, we are turning the tables and asking the guys if they are in anyway boyfriend or future husband material.

Guys are you ready?

  • What is your flirting technique?

    • Mostly awkward silence
    • Friendly eye contact
    • Too many compliments
  • Which is your popular pick up line

    • How far
    • What’s up
    • How are you?
  • Which meal can you easily prepare?

    • Indomie Noodles
    • Rice and Stew
    • Swallow and Soup
  • Pick a Johnny Drille Song

    • Shine
    • Finding Efe
    • Papa
  • Pick a celebrity as your best friend

    • Banky W
    • Ali Baba
    • RMD
  • How would you breakup with someone

    • Over the phone
    • Face to Face
    • Just ignore them and disappear
  • Which emoji do you prefer sending to your partner

    • Love
    • Big Smile
    • ROTFL
  • Which gift says ‘I am Sorry’ more

    • Perfume
    • Teddy Bear
    • Jewellry


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